Can I Use My Cell Phone in Belize

When you develop a trip to Belize, exactly what do you imagine? Blue skies, ocean waves, and several relaxation probably come to mind. But while you might be visiting Belize to leave it all, you possibly will not want to be stop from family, friends, or be employed by the use of your trip.

Luckily, today, you should not be cell-less, since many people are easily able to use their phones abroad.

Here’s a step-by-step secrets and techniques for using your US cell while visiting Belize.

  1. Make sure your mobile phone is unlocked
    Step you are a simple one: make certain your cellular phone is unlocked. That means it is not tied to one specific company. If you check plus your phone is locked right into a provider, it is possible to ask them to unlock the telephone, that should be a simple – and free – service. Check your provider’s website to learn more.
  2. Inform your cell provider you’re touring Belize
    You’ll have to let your cell provider are aware that you’re leaving the US to travel to Belize. They will activate roaming, that may mean you can actually access every one of the usual services through the Belizean network from the minute you start your phone.
  3. Make sure voice and text services are activated
    When arranging roaming services in Belize, consult your provider that you’ll be able to use voice and texting services. You may find only voice service is activated as standard. So if both communication types you require, be sure you’re set prior to leaving home.
  4. Check the valuation on international roaming fees
    Considering how cheap cell plans are in home, it’s surprising how much you may be charged for roaming fees. Charges for calls can figure to multiple dollars a minute, which could make for a foul surprise as soon as your next bill arrives. Make sure you’ve checked this out when you arrive.
  5. For heavy use: Buy a SIM card in Belize
    If you’ll be with your phone a good deal in Belize, an alternative choice is to buy a Belize SIM card when you. As long as your phone is unlocked which enables it to operate on 1900 GSM frequency, you may be able to try this, and then there are some cheap deals to be had on purchasing pre-loaded SIM cards.
  6. Take a global plug adaptor to charge your cell
    Of course, your cell will not be much use whether it runs out of juice, so one of the most crucial pieces of kit to look at with you is a world plug adaptor.

Belize uses two voltages – 110V and 220V – this also can change dependant upon your location in the nation. Belize also uses many plug type, along with many places, a three-pronged US plug won’t work (although a two-pronged you will). Take an adaptor to be sure you’re covered no matter what socket type.

  1. Check whether Wi-Fi is available
    While it is possible to get some pretty decent data plans in Belize, the simplest way to avoid any extra charges is always to check if there’s Wi-Fi within your hotel, or even in the restaurants and bars you are visiting. If so, you may schedule internet browsing, or possibly a WhatsApp voice call, if you are not having to pay for the cost.