4 Ways to Study Abroad in College

If backpacking through Europe, surfing the waves in Costa Rica, interning with gaming companies overseas, connecting with global leaders or teaching elementary students in Italy sounds like a great way to spend a semester, then studying abroad may be perfect for you.

What you may not know is that there are many ways to study abroad while in college. Some experiences are for just a few weeks, while others may be for the entire year. Here are just four of the ways you can study abroad in college at the University of Nevada, Reno.

#1. University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)

The University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) is the largest study abroad experience the University of Nevada, Reno offers. With more than 50 locations in 27 countries around the world, there’s sure to be an adventure just right for you. In addition to taking classes, you’ll have opportunities like being part of internships, going on local and regional field trips or sightseeing tours, volunteering, and engaging in service-learning.

A study abroad program can help you learn skills that will help you in your future career. 

“The course I took in London was Effective Business Writing and Marketing Principles,” said Alexis, who studied in English via USAC. “In it, I learned how to communicate more effectively in business and personal relationships. And, I was able to practice those skills while engaging with people from different places like England and France.”

USAC offers summer, semester and year-round programs and is open to all majors. Scholarships are available. Learn more about USAC.

#2. Nevada Global Business Program

You don’t have to be a business major to take part in the Nevada Global Business Program. In fact, almost any major can benefit from an exposure to international companies and business styles.

“In this day and age, chances are the people you are communicating with, either within your company or with vendors or outside agencies, aren’t from the United States,” said Jim McClenahan, the director of corporate relations and outreach in the College of Business. “Our goal is to offer international programs that provide students an advantage in the global economy as well as in their job search.”

The Nevada Global Business Program offers week-long, for-credit courses in places like Singapore, Australia, Canada, England, New York, Poland, Costa Rica and Argentina. Courses focus on international business, management, entrepreneurship, leadership and humanities through a combination of lectures, tours and experiences.

For example, during your trip to Sydney, Australia you may learn about eco tourism or biomedical research before meeting with Australian CEOs. Or perhaps you’ll travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina to better understand the context of business in banking, manufacturing and the retail business sector.

Whatever location you choose, you’re sure to expand your knowledge on how business takes place around the global while traveling to amazing locations, experiencing beautiful cultures and eating delicious foods.

Discover more about the Nevada Global Business Program.

#3. Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (C.O.S.T.)

The College of Education at the University of Nevada, Reno is one of 15 U.S. institutions to offer the COST program, a national collaboration offering education students the opportunity to teach overseas. COST partners with schools across 16 countries in Europe, Africa, Asian/Oceania and Latin America. It is the perfect program for college students to gain cross-cultural experience and bring an international perspective back to U.S. classrooms.

You’ll also have the chance to meet other educators and students from places like Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, China and Scotland as you learn from each other. COST offers opportunities for students to experience bicultural and bilingual classrooms as they learn to approach education with international perspectives.

Locations vary from semester to semester and range between 6-15 weeks. Learn more about participating in COST.

#4. Engineering exchange programs

It’s a common misconception that students in technical degree programs, like engineering, can’t study abroad because they won’t be able to take courses abroad that keep them on track to graduate. The College of Engineering has created partnerships with technical universities across the globe to allow engineering students to study abroad, while still taking courses that relate to their majors, most of which are offered in English. Exchange programs range from summer classes or research internships to full semester or year-long exchange programs.

Engineering students get the chance to see how other cultures use technology and solve engineering and design problems and to meet and collaborate with future engineers from around the world. You also get the chance to explore new places, meet new people and have a full study abroad experience designed around your major. 

Learn more about engineering exchange programs. 

So, dust off your passport and pack your bags world traveler! Build your resume and get the most out of your college experience by taking part in unique opportunities across the globe and learning from its vast cultures.