Commissioners OK over $1.5M in funding for local organizations | News, Sports, Jobs

Funding requests from outside agencies totaling over $1.5 million were approved by the Lycoming County commissioners at their meeting this week. All requests were 2022 budgeted items.

Agencies and the amounts received were: Lycoming Police Camp Cadet Foundation, $3,000; Lycoming County Library System, $1,281,912; Community Arts Center, $10,000; Firetree Place, $60,000; Law Enforcement & Police Training Association, $25,000; Lycoming County Historical Society, $20,000; American Rescue Workers, $20,000; West Branch Fireman’s Association, $15,000; Lycoming County Early Learning Center, $16,683; Lycoming County Industrial Development Authority, $3,000; The New Love Center, $25,000; and the Williamsport Municipal Airport Authority, $57,000.

The commissioners noted that the amount given to the airport authority is for maintenance of the tower at the airport, which is necessary even though there are no commercial airline flights at this time.

During the commissioners’ meeting there was a Community Development Block Grant hearing for modification of Montoursville CDBG-CV funds. Following the hearing the commissioners approved the following CDBG modifications for Montoursville borough from their 2020 CDBG-CV funds. The modifications are:

• Montoursville American Rescue Workers Rental/Mortgage/Utility Assistance-current budget, $24,304; change, $13,000; modified budget, $11,304.

• Montoursville Supportive Housing Program (STEP, Inc.)–current budget, $24,305; change, $13,000; modified budget, $11,305.

• Elderly Housing hand sanitizing stations-current budget, $0.00; change, $6,000; modified budget, $6,000.

• Indian Park hand washing stations-current budget, $0.00; change $20,000; modified budget, $20,000.

Resource Management Services Director Jason Yorks presented two items for approval by the commissioners.

The first was a Solicitation of Interest for the Luzerne County Solid Waste Plan.

“We want to get named in their solid waste plan. As you understand, all counties have to have a solid waste plan. For ten years of their waste they have to guarantee that they have facilities to take it and we want to get named in their county’s solid waste plan,” Yorks told the commissioners. “It’s just a simple formality.”

Yorks also asked the commissioners to approve the following items: the purchase of a 2022 Kleemann Conveyor Stacker from Groff Tractor and Equipment, LLC, at a cost of $90,985; and the purchase of a GPS unit for Resource Management Services’ Doosan Excavator from Topcon Solutions, at a cost of $12,477.

Earlier in the meeting, Yorks had informed the commissioners that the county’s RMS will be requesting bids for Phase I of the partial field project closure, which will be funded through the closure project.

The bids for the two-year project will be going out June 3 and will be due back by June 24.

Commissioner Rick Mirabito asked Yorks to explain how much is in the closure funds, where they come from and the cost of something like the closing of a field.

“You’re looking at for every ton of waste that comes in, we have to set X amount of dollars aside for set changes and fluctuations with inflation, the cost of liners and so forth. We have to secure roughly $45 million right now for those closures so that if anytime the landfill had to close you have to have those funds to buy the liner system and all that,” Yorks said.

“This project will be a total of 22 acres. We were estimating probably $10 to $11 million. I’m sure that’s going to go up even more with the price of the petroleum and stuff. The liner is not going to get any cheaper,” he said.

“Future generations can know that if we had to close the landfill, they’re not going to be stuck with a bill,” Mirabito said.

The next meeting of the commissioners will be at 10 a.m. June 2, in the Commissioners’ Board Room, 1st floor Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St.

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