UK tourists in Turkey should carry passport at all times while on holiday

Did you know that you could be arrested in Turkey if you are stopped and don’t have your passport to hand?

UK travellers have been warned to keep their passports on them at all times in Turkey as it is illegal not to carry photo ID.

In popular locations police may stop locals and tourists alike to check their ID – and they risk arrest if they do not have a passport or residence permit, the Echo reports.

The Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) warned it is important for tourists visiting Turkey to take note of any local laws.

Travel advice on the FCO website states: “It is illegal not to carry some form of photographic ID in Turkey. You should carry your passport or residence permit at all times.

“In some busy areas, especially Istanbul, the Turkish authorities may stop members of the public to conduct ID checks.”

Holidaymakers have also been told they may be stopped at police checkpoints – which are dotted across Turkish roads – and are asked to comply with authorities.

The Foreign Office states: “There’s also a number of police checkpoints on main roads across Turkey. You should co-operate with officials conducting checks.”

It is advised that you keep your passport, or residence permit on you at all times when travelling in Turkey. You can also make photocopies to act as backups for photographic evidence.

Other Turkish laws tourists should know

Turkey has become a popular tourist destination with over 2.5 million Brits visiting the country in 2019 before travel restrictions hit.

As restrictions ease and travel returns to normal many Brits may be planning a trip to Turkey, so it is important to know the local rules and customs such as the photo ID law.

Turkey has strict local laws including a ban on smoking in public places and some outdoor areas where cultural, artistic, sports or entertainment activities are being held.

You must also ask for permission before photographing people and you should dress modestly when visiting a mosque or religious shrine.

The Foreign Office adds that: “Homosexuality is legal in Turkey. However, many parts of Turkey are socially conservative and public displays of affection may lead to unwelcome attention.”

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